Folding Solar Panel- 14 watt

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Aus Power Bank’s 14-Watt Solar Panel is a great power source for whenever, wherever  you need to charge your devices directly from its 2 x USB ports. These days we seem to need to charge up everything almost on a daily basis- and solar is affordable, quick and easy. This unit has 2 USB ports, so can charge two devices directly at once or add a powerbank to the panel to store the power you harvest during the day to be used at a later time making it the perfect kit for camping, hiking or emergency use when the power goes out  . Its 14 watts come from 4 x panels that provide plenty of power and conveniently fold up into a small, lightweight portable case with a mesh zip compartment that holds the USB ports, and can carry your devices neatly tucked (zipped) away.  The 14-Watt Solar Panel is an ultra-compact and powerful unit that measures 24.5cm x 16cm x 4cm when folded. When folded out the solar unit’s four panels and metal loop ‘handle’ measures 78cm in length and can be hooked onto just about anything to drench in the sun that then powers your devices. Outside, the 14-Watt Solar Panel will directly charge most USB devices, most handheld USB devices including mobile phones, satellite phones, smart phones, GPS, MP3 player, and more.

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2 x Universal USB charging ports
Compatible with most USB devices
Lighter and smaller than comparable panels
Mesh zip up pocket for storing devices and houses USB ports
Compact foldable fabric case, fits in or over any backpack
2 – year warranty
Collects 14 watts of power from the sun
Weather resistant
Approximate charge times for devices:
Mobile phone, MP3 player – 1-3 hours
Smart phone, GPS, USB camera – 1-4 hours
Rated wattage – 14W
Cell Type – Mono crystalline
Open-circuit Voltage – 18-20V
Converting Efficiency – 17-18%
Cell Area – 0.0755m2
USB port – 2 x 5V, 2A
Weight – 650g
Dimensions (folded) 245mm x 165mm x 45mm
Dimensions (unfolded) 245mm x 780mm x 8mm
Warranty – 24 Months
Certifications – FCC and CE
Optimal Operating Temp – 0-120 F (-17-48 C)

Weight .700 kg

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